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August 2012 Wildlife Sightings

Hen Harrier – 1 ringtail (female or juvenile) seen flying north over Papa Westray on 12th, with another seen on 25th. Kestrel – 1 flying north-east over Papa Westray on 18th. Merlin – 1 seen by Tim Dodman at the south end of Papay on 18th. Corncrake – 1 male heard calling between Nouster and […]

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Bird News for North Hill and Noup Cliffs – July/August 2012

The breeding season is now officially over, for the seabirds anyway, so I can officially reveal that most of the seabird species that breed on the North Hill RSPB reserve on Papa Westray and on the Noup Cliffs RSPB reserve on Westray have had a relatively good season! Despite returning to Papay and Westray in […]

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Richan’s Retreat

Richan's Retreat

Richan’s Retreat will be closed from the 4th to 8th August 2017. The name comes from Captain William Richan who is in who’s who as being Captain of the Hire Cutter Norfolk – a kindly Captain who never had to conscript a crew. He was dishonourably discharged from the merchant navy for running contraband – they […]

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July 2012 Wildlife Sightings

Sandwich Tern – 1 juvenile seen in cut silage field near North Rendall, Papa Westray on 16th plus 6 juveniles seen at Wellpark, Papa Westray on 25th. Dunlin – 21 at North Wick, Papa Westray on 25th. 300+ at Loch of Swartmill, Westray on 29th. Sanderling – 2 at North Wick, Papay on 4th. Purple […]

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