August 2012 Wildlife Sightings

Hen Harrier – 1 ringtail (female or juvenile) seen flying north over Papa Westray on 12th, with another seen on 25th.

Kestrel – 1 flying north-east over Papa Westray on 18th.

Merlin – 1 seen by Tim Dodman at the south end of Papay on 18th.

Corncrake – 1 male heard calling between Nouster and the Post Office, Papa Westray on the evening of 16th.

Sanderling – 31 seen on North Wick, Papay on 18th, a mixture of worn, post-breeding adults and juveniles in fresh autumn plumage.

Whimbrel – 1 flying over the North Hill RSPB reserve, Papay on 16th, calling. 2 on the North Hill reserve and heard calling on 17th. 1 heard calling at Fowl Craig, North Hill reserve on 19th.

Golden Plover – 5 seen on the North Hill RSPB reserve, Papa Westray on 13th. 36 seen flying east over Papay on 16th. 6 flying north over the North Hill reserve on 17th.

Greenshank – 1 flushed from the pools at the north end of the North Hill RSPB reserve, Papay, on 20th.

Swift – 1 flying around Rose Cottage, Papa Westray on 19th and 20th.

Sedge Warbler – 1heard singing at Whitelooms, Papay on 15th.

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