Whatever your reason for visiting, there’s plenty to see and do on either of these Northern Isles.

Westray and Papa Westray are two of Orkney’s Northern Isles. Both of these islands are easy to get to by foot or car with good air and sea links.

With a wide range of accommodation including hotels, bed and breakfast, self-catering, hostels and camping, all budgets and tastes are catered for.

There is plenty to do in Westray and Papa Westray, whether you’re interested in walking, crafts, nature watching, sailing, or just relaxing, there is something here for everyone.

Take advantage of your visit to see both islands by flying on the world’s shortest scheduled flight (2 minutes) for which you can receive a certificate.

In a world of hustle and bustle, of deadlines and dramas, Westray and Papa Westray offer you a chance to truly unwind.