July 2012 Wildlife Sightings

Sandwich Tern – 1 juvenile seen in cut silage field near North Rendall, Papa Westray on 16th plus 6 juveniles seen at Wellpark, Papa Westray on 25th.

Dunlin – 21 at North Wick, Papa Westray on 25th. 300+ at Loch of Swartmill, Westray on 29th.

Sanderling – 2 at North Wick, Papay on 4th.

Purple Sandpiper – Approximately 30 seen on the east coast of the North Hill reserve, Papa Westray on 23rd.

Curlew – Approximately 300 individuals seen feeding in cut field at Roadside farm, Westray on 29th.

Whimbrel – 1 seen at Noup Cliffs, Westray on 10th, plus 3 flying by Moclett, Papa Westray on 12th.

Golden Plover – 3 seen near Blossom, Papay on 12th. 26 adults and 6 juveniles in cut silage field, Papay on 19th.

Bar-tailed Godwit – 6 in summer plumage in cut silage field, Papay on 19th.

Black-tailed Godwit – 5 in summer plumage at Loch of Swartmill, Westray on 29th.

Greenshank – 2 at Loch of Swartmill, Westray on 29th.

Grey Heron – 1 at Twiness beach and 4 at Ness of Tuquoy, Westray on 29th.

Manx Shearwater – 2 seen off of Mull Head, Papay on 23rd.

Merlin – 1 seen perched on the fence at Turnstones, Papay, by Patrick on 6th.

Sand Martin – 3 hanging around the beach at Links of Moclett, Papay – several potential burrows in the sand dune there, so possibly breeding, although not seen entering these holes.

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