Heritage Centre

The Heritage Centre is a “must see” starting point for anyone interested in Westray’s past. Situated in the centre of Pierowall village The Heritage Centre is a Visit Scotland 4 Star Visitor Attraction.

Inside there is an an annual display plus permanent exhibition panels on walls, and a simulated geo with model seabirds and authentic bird sounds. There are also interactive displays which will attract youngsters. Many records of the island’s history and gravestone records available to browse.

Over the years the Heritage Centre has built up a large collection of black and white photos of historic significance, collated the kirk yard records from the island’s three cemeteries and gathered memories of past activities in Westray e.g. schools, kirks, sports, sea transport, Noup Head lighthouse, royal visits, fishing, crafts, World Wars 1 and 2, and the Heritage Trust continues to research a fresh subject each year.

In the Heritage Centre there is now a database of many local families dating back to early 17th Century and the Trust has published a number of books and booklets on local subjects.

There are now two new sections on the Centre’s web site, taking visitors to Noltland Castle and Westray’s milestones. Both these sections are in the process of construction and are being updated as and when information is available.

Admission is £2 per person with concessions at £1.50, or you may choose to become a friend of the Heritage Centre for an annual fee of £6 per household (or £3 retired) or a lifetime member for £60 (or £30 retired).

The Heritage Trust has its own web site at www.westrayheritage.co.uk

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