Sailing in Westray


With financial assistance from Westray Development Trust the Club has recently purchased three shiny new “Lazer Bugs” to enable and encourage our youngsters onto the water. A training program is being put together and anyone interested should contact Keith Kent, Commodore, or any other member of the Sailing Committee. Keith says it is very important for the future of the Club to involve our young folk, the inclusion of small, light and versatile boats will help skiff skippers of the future get some fun and the necessary experience”.

Regatta Weekend

The last Saturday in July sees our annual Regatta as usual. Plans are underway to offer a venue for music on the Friday night at the community room to open the weekends activities. Saturday is the main Regatta day, after a briefing the racing will begin mid morning; the Daft Raft Race usually sets off from Sand o’ Gill at lunch time followed by afternoon racing; when everyone is organised, prizes will be given at the Pierowall School followed by the traditional dance at night.

Regatta Boat Burning ParadeThis last two years we have been led in a torch parade and boat burning by a Jarl Squad from Shetland. Now that we have been shown the way, we intend to have our own with the help of Westray’s Tourism Officers organisational skills. If you would like to take part or know more please contact Hazel Moore.


WSC published a book nearly 10 years ago around the history of the traditional small Skiffs and the WSC Regattas since 1925, both to capture the history and to promote the activity of the Club (still available). Realising there was still a wealth of history around the traditional use of boats locally for fishing etc, we have embarked on a second book to tell this story which should be out soon. It has further been suggested that the history of seafaring and some of our sons “adventures” on the sea should form a further publication? If you have ANY recollections, records or stories of boats in relation to Westray and Papay please contact Sam Harcus directly or more conventionally speak to him or phone (01857) 677860.