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Papay Wildlife Club: The Compleat Naturalist

10/03/2016 - 14/03/2016

£50 – £495

Discover the full breadth of biodiversity in expert company. Hone your fieldcraft and identification skills at a surprising time of year, where the simplicity of the island enables a rarified insight into the full diversity of life.

Can you read habitats, and spot plants from their leaves? Have you ever wanted to know what that lichen or moss was? What’s under that stone? How can I have the best chance of seeing Otters?

Whilst our February ‘slow circuit’ Papay Wildlife Club holiday focuses on sense of place, and quiet immersion, this holiday offers a similar experience with a firm slant towards putting names to Papay’s rich variety of wildlife. We are sure you will never see the countryside in winter the same way again, and will leave with heightened identification skills.

The Compleat Naturalist will look across the spectrum, from lower plants and lichens, to winter-flowering plants and the sweep of habitats from wild maritime heath to sand dune, marsh and lochside. Birds, beetles (‘gablos’ in the local vernacular) and flies (‘matlos’) will not escape our enquiring minds. We’ll study everything from Grey and Common Seals to the smallest of creatures to be found in the cornucopia that Papay offers.

Each evening there will be a short introductory talk on an aspect of identifying island wildlife, along with an identification sessions, looking through books and keys, and studying photographs and specimens. We will also keep an eye on the skies, in case the ‘merry dancers’ (Aurora Borealis) make an appearance.

Price: £495 per person. £50 Single Supplement.

For further information and booking please contact Jonathan Ford (Papay Ranger).

Tel – 01856 252028. Email – papayranger@gmail.com Facebook – papay ranger.


£50 – £495


Papay Development Trust / Papay Ranger
01856 252028
papayranger@gmail.com, Facebook - papay ranger.


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