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Papay Wildlife Club: The Sea around Papay

04/08/2016 - 08/08/2016

£50 – £545

The influence of the sea is ever-present on Papay, and this Papay Wildlife Club holiday focuses on the varied and fascinating marine wildlife of shore and inshore waters, from lobsters to seals and from seaweed to sea slugs.

Papa Westray is defined by the surrounding sea, from the sheltered waters of Papa Sound and North and South Wick, to the exposed meeting place of the Atlantic and the Fair Isle Channel, off North Hill. We’ll be looking at all aspects of sealife, through rockpooling, examining seashore lichens, watching seabirds, collecting and identifying seaweeds, experimenting with underwater cameras and seeing what is brought in by the island’s creel boat.

Beachcombing will also feature, giving us another opportunity to immerse ourselves in aspects of marine wildlife, without getting wet. Learn about ‘Warey Matlos’ (kelp flies) and marine millipedes. Identify shells and skate and dogfish egg cases. Look for plant remains which have floated all the way across the Atlantic. We shall also find out about the journey that marine litter makes to Papa Westray. If you want, you can help us clear a sack or two of plastic off our beaches, leaving the marine ecosystem that tiny bit healthier as a result of this holiday.

Providing the weather allows, we shall take the Papay Development Trust’s new boat across to the magical isle of the Holm of Papay. This will give us more coastline to explore, as well as the rare opportunity to visit one of Orkney’s finest Neolithic chambered cairns. Back on Papay itself, there will be more archaeology to see, whilst we can’t look at Papay’s sea and shore without appreciating the wildlife on land too, from Scottish Primrose (Primula scotica) which will be in the middle of its second flowering to the first autumn migrants, as golden plovers and other birds start to filter south from the Arctic.

If the mackerel are in, there will be a chance of sea-fishing, which may provide the basis for one of our evening meals, while crab or lobster will be on the menu another evening. As with all Papay Wildlife Club holidays, vegetarian options will also be available!

Price: £545 per person. £50 Single Supplement.

For further information and booking please contact Jonathan Ford (Papay Ranger).

Tel – 01856 252028. Email – papayranger@gmail.com Facebook – papay ranger.


£50 – £545


Papay Development Trust / Papay Ranger
01856 252028
papayranger@gmail.com, Facebook - papay ranger.


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