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Papay Wildlife Club: An Overview of the overlooked

03/11/2016 - 07/11/2016

£50 – £495

An exploration of Papay’s lower ‘plants’ – fungi, lichens, mosses & liverworts – from waxcaps and Sea Ivory to the Sphagnum of Orkney’s largest maritime heath.

Your holiday will introduce you to the beauty and diversity of some of Papay’s smallest growing inhabitants. We’ll look at lichens on dykes, the shore and heathland; learn the differences between mosses and liverworts and identify some of the characteristic species; and study fungi associated with grassland, maritime heathland and Papay’s native woodland – the one inch tall ‘forest’ of Creeping Willow to be found on North Hill. Alongside introductory evening talks on lichens, mosses & liverworts and fungi, you will also hear about the weird and wonderful Slime Mould Kingdom, and hopefully see Mucilago crustacea for which Troll’s Vomit would be a good English name.

Although the focus of our three days of gentle walking and peering at rocks and the ground will be on these tiny lifeforms over, there will also be the chance to take in other special seasonal wildlife on Papay. Along the shore there will be a wide range of winter waders & wildfowl, including Tysties (Black Guillemots), Great Northern Divers and Red-breasted Mergansers. For those of you with an interest in larger mammals, this is a great place for watching Grey and Common Seals, although our resident Otters tend to be rather more elusive.

In the evenings, along with talks and identification sessions, we will also make the most of Papay’s dark skies, if the weather obliges. Will we see the ‘merry dancers’? – the island is a perfect observation point for the Aurora Borealis.

Price: £495 per person. £50 Single Supplement.

For further information and booking please contact Jonathan Ford (Papay Ranger).

Tel – 01856 252028. Email – papayranger@gmail.com Facebook – papay ranger.


£50 – £495


Papay Development Trust / Papay Ranger
01856 252028
papayranger@gmail.com, Facebook - papay ranger.


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