June Wildlife Sighting 2012

Whooper Swan – 1 dead discovered near Mull Head on 5th.

Greylag Goose – 55 broods plus 182 non-breeding adults counted at St Tredwell’s Loch on 21st.

Barnacle Goose – 1 seen on St Tredwell’s Loch by Tim on 2nd. 2 seen in field near Cuppin farm on 7th.

Shelduck – Pair with 10 young reported at Backiskaill loch.

Gadwall – Pair seen on Westray on pool near Taingi Skerry in the south of the island on 10th.

Black-throated Diver – 1 seen off of West coast by a visitor on the 5th.

Great Northern Diver – 1 in summer plumage seen in Papa Sound on 9th.

Gannet – 623 nests counted at Noup Cliffs on 25th.

Peregrine – 1 young bird seen around Ramni Geo at Noup Cliffs (Westray) on 14th.

Golden Plover – 5 in field near Hundland house on 29th, moving onto the reserve later in the day.

Whimbrel – 1 seen at Knap of Howar by visitor on 5th. 1 at Taftend wetland and 1 at Roadmire on Westray on 10th. 4 flying West over Fowl Craig and calling on 20th.

Arctic Tern – seen with young chicks in colonies on the reserve on 28th.

Collared Dove – 1 seen at Turnstones on 11th. 1 calling from Rose Cottage roof on 14th.

Short-eared Owl – 2 near Rendall and 1 near Knap of Howar seen by visitor on 11th.

Sand Martin – 3 at Loch of Swartmill on Westray on 10th.

Whinchat – 1 seen near the Ouse on Westray on 10th.

Whitethroat – 1 female in Rose Cottage garden on 24th.

Sedge Warbler – 1 in garden at Clestrain on 1st, moved into Rose Cottage garden on 2nd, singing constantly. Heard again in Rose Cottage garden on 6th and on 19th.

Willow Warbler – 1 in Rose Cottage garden on 2nd.

Chiffchaff – 1 in Rose Cottage garden on 8thand 9th.

Snow Bunting – 1 female seen and photographed at Mull Head by visitor. Pair seen at Mull Head on 8th.

Thanks to Sarah R.S.P.B. Warden for providing this report.