Wheeling Steen Gallery

Wheeling Steen is old Norse for ‘Resting Stone’.

You can still hear remnants of this ancient language in the local dialect as spoken by the Rendall family who created and run the gallery.

Edwin, Elaine and their daughter Rosemary design and produce all their work on the premises allowing them to aim for the highest quality at every stage from concept to completion. After 8 years they decided to close the tearoom at the end of 2016, enabling them to concentrate more on the Gallery.

We are 2 miles north of Pierowall on the Airport road. Whether you walk, cycle or drive you will enjoy the stunning views of the northern isles.

Wheeling Steen Gallery

Opening hours:

June – September. Monday – Saturday 11am – 5pm
Winter. Monday – Saturday 1pm – 5pm
Closed January, February and March

Find more information on our website!  www.wheeling-steen.co.uk


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Wheeling Steen Gallery
KW17 2DN

01857 677292